Here's a little more about me! I would love to know you better too! Let's connect!

I'm proud to be a trauma survivor, self-help junkie, professional credential collector, life-long learner, total introvert, extreemly sensitive, painfully empathetic, seriously hard working, tougher than expected, truth-teller, sometimes a people pleaser, endlessly creative, sometimes a bad speller, hmmm. I love nature, flowers, bright colors such as paint samples, coffee in the morning, cats (but any animal is good),going to the library, demoing and building things with power tools, bathtubs. My little support system includes my husband, besties, and family. I feel well loved. For 20+ years I walked this healing journey with food and I'm glad to share what I have learned both personally and professionally.

Again, please reach out, I would love to meet you!