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Nutrition Therapy appointments are available for Illinois Residents.

Appointments are via HIPAA compliant video software or in-person.

HIPAA compliant video appointments are held virtually.

In-person appointments are held in Mansfield, Illinois.

Would you like to see appointments offered in Urbana or Champaign? I'm working on that option if there is interest.

Jump Start (3 Sessions)

Maximize your specific goals when in comes to food and eating from a place of kindness

Learn to Trust your Body (6 Sessions)

Set kind nutrition goals and learn to connect with your body signals. Learn to trust yourself to make compassionate food and eating choices

Digging Deeper (12 Sessions)

Set compassionate goals, learn to listen to your body, and start to put new nutrition and fitness choices in practice. Dig deeper into the resistance and life challenges that show up as you begin to make kind nutrition choices. Establish priorities and consider life changes to allow for success.

Not sure if Nutrition Therapy is a good fit? Schedule a free Strategy Call to discuss your goals and what I can offer to help!