Groups of 10-12 are ideal for a nutrition talk. Nutrition talks are a cross between lecture, discussion, and activities. And of course, inspiration and encouragement to find joy and compassion with food, eating, fitness, and the body. Nutrition Talks can be tailored to a group of friends, co-workers, college or school students or your clients if you are a mental health, nutrition, or fitness professional.

Kiss Dieting and the Scale Goodbye

This class will focus on letting go of body weight as a measure of success and is focused on simple steps to improve body image. This class will inspire you to let go of dieting and focus on establishing an eating plan based on joy and self-care instead of restriction and guilt.

Mindful & Intuitive Eating Habits

Get into the nitty gritty of how to establish a mindful eating practice. Discuss the difference between mindful and intuitive eating. Leave with a list of intuitive eating skills.

Nutrition & Mood

Discuss how nutrition relates to our mood and specific nutrition choices that can benefit emotional health. Also consider how emotional health may positively or negatively affect the relationship with food and eating choices we make.

Learn to Trust Your Body with Food

Complete a body awareness meditation and begin to notice body sensations. Review specific steps to practice listening to your body with food and eating. Practice identifying and noticing body signals including hunger and fullness.

What is Integrative & Functional Dietetics?

Learn about this new approach to individualized nutrition therapy. We will consider how nutrition insufficiencies, inflammation, biochemical individuality, lifestyle factors, energy balance, environmental contaminates, and a balance of sleep and stress affect how effectively your body responds to nutrition and eating choices.

The Microbiome and You!

Learn how to improve your healthy gut bacteria through simple diet and lifestyle changes. Hear about some of the health concerns that may relate to microbiome changes.