Dear Reader,
This online space and business is about you! My focus is how to provide insights and information that improves your relationship with food, eating, exercise, your body, and yourself. I may share an example from my life to illustrate an idea, but my ultimate focus is how best to support you with this endeavor. How to best answer your questions. How to best target your need. How to best offer and reassure you along the journey of making changes in attitudes and actions that affect your well-being in the area of nutrition and fitness. Everyones' path is unique and it's a huge privilege to be welcomed to yours as an educator, nutrition counselor, and fitness instructor! With that in mind, please let me know what support you need and what questions you have. Please feel welcome to reach out to me at any time to let me know how I can best support you!
It has always been important to me to see every side of an issue. And nutrition is a field where it can sometimes seem like there are many sides and constantly changing recommendations. There is also a lot we are still learning in the field and there are things that are not yet explainable. There are areas where more research is needed and times when one person's physiology responds very different from how another person's physiology responds. What we eat and how our body processes food can be affected more strongly by different factors person to person, with widely varying influences from our genetics, lifestyle, social relationships, microbiome, food quality and more. For this reason, I have sought out varying perspectives and education in nutrition and exercise completing both graduate level education in nutrition and kinesiology as well as practical certifications.
Equally important to me is the belief that kindness and compassion are essential to lasting change, joyfulness in life, and any kind of healing. I'm not a fan of eating or fitness plans that severely restrict intake or that use weight as a measure of success. I'm not a fan of using a scale or body fat measurement to determine nutrition, fitness or health goals. I am in awe of measuring success with the number of deep breaths, beautiful flowers, chats with friends, creative adventures, hugs from family, cuddles with kittens, walks in the woods and anything else you most dream of.
Finally, my ultimate goal for anyone that struggles with food and eating, exercise, or body image, is for the focus to move to the rest of your life and relationships. Where what you eat and how you move your body each day is determined solely by having the energy and health to go out in the world and show kindness, be creative, love other people, tell the truth, find joy, live your life to the fullest, and make a difference in the world - that to me is healing. When food and fitness is simply a form of self-care that allows you to be who you are, love your family and friends, contribute at work, and fill you life with joyful adventures then you are free to create and live the life that is most authentic, true, and fulfilling for you. Then you will be able to make the biggest difference in the world. Through healing you, you will have a strength to contribute to the healing of the world, and we really need that.
In kindness,