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Finding Satiety: Eat your favorite bite first

Next time you are sitting down to eat, notice which bite of that meal you are most excited to eat. Then start with that bite. For your second bite again think which bite do I most want to eat? Continue through the meal that way until you have had enough. If your portion was more than your body needed, it will be easier to stop when you body has enough, even if food is left on the plate, because you will have already eaten all your favorite bites.

Sometimes we will notice which part of a food is our favorite when we share food with someone else. We might be saying “which part do you want?” while secretly thinking “I hope they don’t choose that part because that’s the part I want”. Maybe this is just me 😉

Another example is if there is a certain part of the food you really enjoy because of the way it is cooked for example the edges of a brownie or the tops of a muffin (which now you can buy the appropriate pan to maximize this). If that is the part you really like, why not start with that part.

Or maybe if you are like me this morning, I wanted to eat the bite of my bagel with the most blueberries. And I pretty much counted down bites until I was left with the rest of the bagel that didn’t have visible blueberries and lost my pull to keep eating.

This may feel wasteful at first, to only eat your favorite bites and leave the parts that are not your favorite; however, there are creative ways to use leftovers or cook a little differently to maximize the favorite bites. Additionally, if your body has had enough at a specific time, then in the kindest way possible I suggest it would also be wasteful to put more in your body that isn’t needed at that time. In some cases, I will store the leftovers and perhaps at a later time they will be my favorite bite.

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