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Nutrition & the Butterfly Effect

Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect?

Maybe you have heard the story that a human went back in time and stepped on a butterfly and then the whole world was no longer what we see today, but instead run by dinosaurs. Or it goes something like that! (feel free to correct me if I didn’t quite get the story right😉)

The idea is that one small change, in one moment in time, can lead to a different unexpected outcome.

And that one small change, leads to another change, and another change and the world slowly adapts. And it’s the many small changes over time that lead to a really different end point down the road.

Additionally, the change is often something that might be beautiful like a butterfly, but not big or even considered that important compared to the millions and millions of years that happen after.

It’s like that with our food and eating, and with our life in general.

Each moment we get to make a choice. And then it’s the next moment and we make another choice. And then the next moment and we make another choice.

Each choice can seem small or inconsequential, but that is all we ever have is this one moment in front of us so it’s not small or inconsequential at all. In that moment it is everything! Until the next moment😊

If we want to create a kind and caring relationship with food, we do that by each kind choice we make in each moment.

Sometimes we try to look too far in the future for our food choices trying to control whether or not there are dinosaurs down the road. But we can’t always successfully control the future (believe me if we could I would be telling you how to do it!)

With traditional diets, we try to control the appearance of dinosaurs. This can work for a short time. This is why more of the short-term diet studies show success. However, it does not last longer term. And most of the long-term diet studies do not show continued success. (If you are curious to read more of the research on this, the book Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon is a good starting place.)

Tuning in to the end point goal of your nutrition plan is only helpful in figuring out your moment by moment motivation.

The end point that I teach is kindness with food, eating, movement and the body. Personally, I believe everyone deserves to have a kind compassionate relationship with food, eating, movement and the body.

Once you know kindness is the end point, then each moment by moment choice is just to choose what is kind, and kindness might look different in different moments. When you chose kindness in each moment, the body can relax and the process of eating becomes simpler.

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