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When in Fear, Practice Gratitude

I love gratitude as a tool to calm fear. And this tool can help with all kinds of fears that come up around eating, weight, body image, and even fitness.

A wonderful resource to learn more about the relationship between gratitude, fear and joy is Brene Brown’s research, books, videos, and blog.

Fears such as

Will my pants fit?

Will I get hungry again?

Will someone judge my body?

Can be calmed through gratitude

We all have slightly different things that bring a sense of gratitude, but for me it’s noticing the present moment, feeling the aliveness of my body, doing kind movement such as a walk in nature, or reaching out to a friend for a reminder of all there is to be grateful for.

Being grateful switches us to a feeling of abundance and enough-ness which creates the conditions for satiety. Walking into the kitchen and noticing a beautiful mug or the fact we have running water (a real wake up call when we remodeled our kitchen and did not have running water for a bit!) seems simple or inconsequential, but try for yourself and see if you notice a change in your eating experience when an extra layer of gratitude is added to the eating experience. Notice if you can reach an immediate sense of calm when a fearful thought is greeted with gratitude.

Fears such as

Will I be able to pay the bills?

Will my loved ones be safe?

Will I find a career I love?

Can also be calmed through gratitude.

Food is a perfect arena to practice gratitude in response to fear and fearful thoughts. Then as the practice of gratitude is strengthened, it is a skill that can be helpful in all areas of life. Work on building this gratitude muscle now in fears around food, eating, and body and this will serve you well when food and eating concerns lose their pull and you strike out on all types of new adventures that bring up new fears!

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