Hunger, Intuition

Trusting Your Intuition is like Trusting Your Hunger

Trusting your hunger is a wonderful way to create a peaceful relationship with food because it is a tool that is always available to us. It is also an internal tool that no one can take away or control. It brings making eating choices into the moment so we don’t have to make the next 100 eating choices or plan for the whole day, whole week or whole month of eating choices. We only have to choose right now when we are hungry to eat what will be nourishing. And when we are not hungry to ask and received what we need instead. Simplicity!

Intuition is a lot like that. It is this life long tool we can turn toward for inner guidance about our next steps. It is always available to us and no one else can control our intuition. If we ignore our intuition and make choices that aren’t right for us it will keep showing up until we hear the message. Listening to intuition is also in the moment. We can’t plan our intuition for an entire year, we can only ever access our intuition in the moment.

So I’ve been trusting hunger for so many years it feels natural and reliable. However, I sometimes still don’t completely trust intuition because it feels too important. Making food choices based on hunger is just a little thing compared to making life choices based on intuition. But I think the same simplicity can be found with intuition. My goal this next year is to listen and trust my intuition as much as I trust my hunger.

Do you notice your intuition? Do you notice your hunger? What tools do you rely on to make eating or life choices?

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