Journal Prompt, Joy

Simple Joy

The simple things bringing me joy this week include

 a cup of hot chocolate,

winter snow out the window and cat paw prints in the snow,

time with my husband, friends and family,

time spent reading and resting,

watching sappy holiday movies,

and buying groceries to cook a couple new recipes this weekend.

What one thing surprised me and didn’t bring joy? Well, I finished up some gift shopping for the holidays and realized that the shopping part didn’t really bring joy. I am looking forward to wrapping and giving each gift, but as I was driving away from each store I just felt a little drained.

As simple as it sounds noticing the moments of joy and the moments that didn’t lead to joy is a way to figure out and meet your needs and desires to create a joyfully nourishing life on all levels – with food, with people, with yourself, with work. It is also a simple way to make positives changes in your life whether you are in the midst of a life you already love or a life challenge or transition.

Life change doesn’t have to be a big overhaul, it can come about simply by adding more of what you love where you can and noticing the things you do that maybe don’t bring a lot of joy to make changes if it is an option.

What is bringing you joy? – Grab a note book and sit with this question for reflection. Noticing each day the simple joyful pieces of day-to-day life is one of the fastest way to up our joy quotient.

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