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8 Ways to Practice Kindness When Eating

1 Eat at a slower pace If you are a fast eater, choose one meal to begin and sit with the discomfort of eating slower.

2 Sit down when eating – Notice the times you are standing, driving, or working when eating. Does your life allow for purposeful time devoted to eating?

3 Set the table – Have some fun with this. Why not collect a mismatch of fun dishes to display and enjoy each dish.

4 Be grateful for the meal – Be grateful in the grocery store, when preparing food, when eating, and after your meal. Infuse every food experience with gratitude.

5 Eat what you enjoy – Notice and allow what you like with out judgement.

6 Eat what is nourishing – Notice how your body feels during and after eating. Choose food that make your body feel and function well.

7 Breath between bites – Notice your breath.

8 Eat when you are hungry and stop at enough – Physical hunger is a trustworthy signal our body needs food.

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